The Waseda Institute for Advanced Study in Japan (WIAS) is presently recruiting senior level researchers for Visiting Researcher Program and young researchers for Visiting Scholar Program.

These programs are designed to support researchers who wish to spend a certain period of residence at WIAS pursuing their own research during holidays or other leave from their home institutions.

Visiting Researchers are expected to advance their own work and also stimulate their colleagues' relationships among WIAS and Japanese academic circles by giving a series of lecture, while Visiting Scholars are expected to engage in joint research with researchers who belong to Waseda University.

The application deadline is September 7th.
For further information, please visit our following website:

For your information, former visiting researchers' (fellows') profiles are available at the following website.

WIAS was established in 2006, and, around 30 researchers have been working on advanced research in social, human and natural sciences fields.
Some of our researchers' activities are featured in "WIAS Newsletter" we currently issued.
It's also available on our website.


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