Mondes américains

Created in 2006, Mondes américains/American Worlds, UMR 8168, is a mixed Social Sciences and Humanities Research Center, which is jointly managed by the EHESS and the CNRS.

It brings together 5 research groups attached to the EHESS, Paris 1 University, and Université Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense.

The Center brings together historians and anthropologists working on the Americas from the Colonial Period to the present day. The Center has a necessary regional approach to its research. It seeks to cover the geographical area ranging from Vancouver to Patagonia without seeking to annex America from the rest of the world.

The Center brings together 32 researchers and professors, 2 ingénieures d'études, and 3 ITAs, and is home to over 100 PhD students, who are involved in all the Center's research activities.


Luisa Coleta and the Capuchin Friar: Slavery, Salvation, and the Adjudication of Status (Havana, 1817)

Friday 22 June 2018

This talk traces two modest "lives lived across empires" in the era of the Haitian Revolution: that of Marie Louise Colette, born into slavery on an habitation on the Plaine du Nord of Saint-Domingue; and that of Friar Félix Quintanar, a Spanish Capuchin who left Galveztown on the Mississippi after the end of Spanish sovereignty...

Guerra, legitimidad y violencia en el siglo XIX en Hispanoamérica y Francia

Tuesday 11 September 2018 to Wednesday 12 September 2018

El Coloquio internacional Guerra, legitimidad y violencia en el siglo XIX en Hispanoamérica y Francia. Nuevas miradas historiográficas desde México y Francia sobre el problema de la revolución busca ofrecer elementos de reflexión y contraste en torno a procesos revolucionarios hispanoamericanos y franceses del siglo XIX con el objetivo de evaluar y comparar algunas de...