Call for Panels

It is with great pleasure that we announce the holding of Rural History 2019, the fourth biennial conference of the European Rural History Organisation (EURHO), in Paris from Tuesday 10 to Friday 13 September 2019. This meeting will be organised by the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), through the Centre de Recherches Historiques (CRH), in collaboration with the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), the FMSH (Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme) and the EPHE (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes). The EURHO Conferences aim to promote a dialogue between rural history researchers that transcends national frontiers, crosses chronological barriers and breaks down disciplinary boundaries.

The Paris Conference will be open to all proposals employing new methods, introducing new approaches, exploring new concepts or yielding new results across a wide range of themes, time periods and spatial boundaries.  We encourage all scholars and researchers to bring their knowledge and experience to this event. We particularly welcome panels and papers  dealing with the economic, social, political or cultural history of the countryside (agricultural or artisanal production, social reproduction, consumption, material culture, power relations, gender, well-being, village life, political relations, technological and scientific improvements, tourism etc. ) and featuring  links to environmental, political, anthropological and cultural history — and, beyond these, an interest in the preoccupations of geography, sociology, economy, archeology, agronomy, biology and zoology.

All researchers working on the history of the countryside are invited to submit panel proposals. A panel should focus on a specific topic and include participants from at least two countries. Panel proposals will be assessed by the Academic Research Committee (comité scientifique) which will accept or refuse them, or suggest modifications. Organisers will be advised of other paper proposals that may relate to their panels. Double sessions on a particular topic are possible, but triple sessions are not.

Each session will last two hours and include four papers. Sessions will be led by a chair and a discussant. The presentation of new research and of work in progress is particularly relevant. Participants may not propose more than two papers.

A session proposal should include a title, the full name and affiliation of the organiser or co-organiser, and a short abstract (up to 500 words) introducing the topic, its scope, themes and approach, and the names and affiliations of at least two of the proposed panel contributors; a draft  call for papers may also be included.

The deadline for panel proposals is 15 October 2018.

Only online submissions via this link will be received by the Academic Research Committee.

For any questions, please contact us at


Organization Committee :

  • Gérard Béaur, Directeur of Studies, EHESS and emeritus Director of Research, CNRS, CRH-ERHIMOR, Paris, Chair.
  • Fabrice Boudjaaba, Research Fellow, CNRS, CRH-ERHIMOR, Paris.
  • Laurent Herment, Research Fellow, CNRS, CRH-ERHIMOR, Paris, Co-organizer.
  • Alain Chatriot, Professor, SciencesPo, ERHIMOR, Paris.
  • Alice Ingold, Assistant Professor, EHESS, CRH- GGH-TERres & GRHEN, Paris.
  • Morgane Labbé, Assistant Professor, EHESS, CRH-ESOPP, Paris.
  • Niccolo Mignemi, Former Member of Ecole Française de Rome, ERHIMOR, Paris.
  • Pablo Luna, Assistant Professor, University Paris-Sorbonne, CRH-ERHIMOR, Paris.
  • Perrine Mane, Directeur of research, CNRS, CRH-GAM, Paris.
  • Jean-Baptiste Paranthoën, Postdoctoral researcher, EHESS, CRH-ERHIMOR.
  • Anne Varet-Vitu, Engineer of Researches, CNRS, CRH-LADEHIS, Paris.
  • Nadine Vivier, emeritus Professor, University Le Mans, member of the Academy of Agriculture,  ERHIMOR, Paris.
  • Nadja Vuckovic, Assistant Engineer, EHESS, CRH, Paris.
  • Federico Zemborain, Research engineering, CNRS, CRH, Paris.
  • Monday 15 October 2018 - 00:00