Knowledge, globalization, and government of societies and environments

Symposium organized by Centre Alexandre-Koyré research team 2, " Knowledge, globalization, and government of societies and environments ", and coordinated by Sara Angeli Aguiton (CNRS, CAK) and Hélène Guillemot (CNRS, CAK).

► The symposium will be held in English

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The study of knowledge production, of globalization, and of the ways in which societies and environments are governed, are central issues to one of the research team of the Centre Alexandre Koyré.

This symposium aims at refreshing our perspective on these phenomenon, at questioning what could be too obvious for us, at reassessing our historiographies and interpretations, our ways of seeing and narrating our objects of study.

To operate this reflexive gesture, we have invited international colleagues from various fields and with various intellectual positioning to tell us about how they think about knowledge production, about globalization, and about environmental politics and modes of governing societies. Their perspectives will help us reflect on our analytic automatisms, learn on new methodologies and research problematizations, and draw sketches of future investigations in history of science, in STS, in environmental history.

Finally, because collective gathering makes it possible both to celebrate the legacies and to look to the future, this symposium will also be an opportunity to pay tribute to Amy Dahan, Kapil Raj and Dominique Pestre for their retirement.



9:30. Welcome and introduction


9:45-11:15. Wenzel Geissler (Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo)

Letting go, and going along. Anthropological inquiries into the dissolution of an African place of science


11:30-13:00. Diana K. Davis (Professor of History, University of California, Davis)

Aridity and Global Eco-Governance


13:00-14:00. Lunch break


14:00-15:30. Mike Hulme (Professor of Human Geography, University of Cambridge)

The Illusion of Climate Governance: Knowledge, Democracy and the Limits of Human Agency


15:30-17:00. Vera Tolz (Professor of Russian Studies, University of Manchester)

Globalisation, media and Russia's strategies of reaching domestic and foreign audiences


17:15. Tribute to Amy Dahan (CNRS, CAK), Kapil Raj (EHESS, CAK) and Dominique Pestre (EHESS, CAK).


18:00. Cocktail


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  • Friday 21 September 2018 - 09:30 to 19:00
  • Centre Alexandre-Koyré (seminar room, 5th floor left) - 27 rue Damesme 75013 Paris