Instrumental Theatre. Music and the Stage in Latin America (1954-2006)

The conference "Instrumental Theatre. Music and the Stage in Latin America (1954-2006)",  jointly organized by Esteban Buch (EHESS-CRAL), Violeta Nigro Giunta (EHESS-CRAL), Miguel Garutti (UBA), Camila Juárez (UNQ), Martín Liut (CRAL/UNQ) and Laura Novoa (UBA), will take place in Buenos Aires from the 3rd to the 5th of December 2018.

This conference proposes a philological-historical research of the works, events and institutions little explored and that played an important role in the development of both instrumental theatre and New Music Theatre in Latin America, between 1954 and 2006. Although all time frames are arbitrary, we have taken as significant events the work Música para la Torre (1954) by Mauricio Kagel, and the “Festival Kagel 2006”, organized by the Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón in honour of the composer, who returned to Argentina after a 30-year absence. This festival involved a recognition of the composer in his country, which received him with an effervescent scene, especially in the production of contemporary operas and collaborations between theatre and music. Música para la Torre, an early, “fascinating and elusive” work (Heile 2014, 14), was a commission for the Feria de América in Mendoza, in collaboration with the architects César Janello and Gerardo Clusellas (Richter-Ibáñez 2014; Monjeau 2017). The work proposes, perhaps for the first time in the region, ideas of bi-dimensional theatre, in which light and sound correlate with the actions of the interpreters (Heile 2014, 21). In this sense, the time frame that we propose serves as a hypothesis to think of a back story for the founding myth that was Music Walk in 1958.



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  • Monday 3 December 2018 - 09:00 to Wednesday 5 December 2018 - 17:00
  • Casa Nacional del Bicentenario - Riobamba 985 - C1116ABB - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Esteban Buch