Editions de l'EHESS, the scholarly publishing house of the School, lies at the heart of the institution's intellectual project. It plays a key role in promoting and disseminating innovative and cutting-edge research in the social sciences, both among the academic community and the general public.

Following the experimental tradition of EHESS, the publishing house seeks to publicize work that explores new fields of knowledge, demonstrates the plurality of research methods and the diverse ways of conducting research and fieldwork, and engages with different historical periods within the social sciences.

Editions de l'EHESS (the EHESS Press) publishes monographs, collected editions, critical editions, periodicals / journals. The research in question may have been conducted within the School, elsewhere in France, or overseas. The EHESS Press has been the home for the published work of some of the school’s “big names”: Claude Lévi-Strauss, Jean-Pierre Vernant, François Furet, Jacques Revel, Didier Fassin, Jean-Louis Fabiani amongst others. Many of France’s most renowned historians, anthropologists, sociologists, and philosophers feature in the Press's back catalogue.

The EHESS Press organizes meetings and debates relating to its publications. It also sets up major interdisciplinary projects on questions concerning the social sciences research community of today. It is a leader in the discussion of the future of publishing in the social sciences.