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The Masters program runs over two years. Modules are pluri-disciplinary. The program is designed to prepare students for a PhD program.



The PhD is the ultimate goal of the courses offered at EHESS. It provides training in how to conduct professional research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. EHESS particularly encourages doctoral theses undertaken as part of co-supervision agreements (between EHESS and a higher education institution in another country).


EHESS Diploma

This Diploma is awarded to students who have followed a specific course of study at EHESS and have produced an assessed piece of work under the supervision of a Tutor. The assessed piece of work is tailored to the individual interests of the student. The Diploma constitutes an academic qualification for a personal research project, which can lead on to a Master or PhD. Enrolment on a Diploma program is not subject to any specific educational prerequisites.


Accreditation as a Research Supervisor (Habilitation à diriger des recherches)

This qualification provides national recognition for established researchers who already have a PhD by certifying them as doctoral and postdoctoral research supervisors. It is awarded to a researcher in acknowledgement of their scientific achievements, the originality of their research, their mastery of a research approach or strategy in a sufficiently broad academic area, and their ability to advise and provide guidance for young researchers.


Continuing Education

The EHESS Learning Circles Program runs activities to disseminate research findings in a variety of formats: conference series, training for local council members, and professionals in private enterprises.