The Audio-Visual and Image Department provides technical assistance to students and researchers in the editing and postproduction of audio-visual documents generated as part of their research. The department also has audio-visual equipment (video cameras, microphones and voice recorders), which is available for short-term loan. Short training sessions in filming and in the use of this equipment can also be provided. For information and to book equipment, please contact Bénédicte Barillé ( with a list of the equipment and / or assistance required and an outline of the research project aims. If the support provided by the department results in the creation of an audio-visual document, this may be subject to a coproduction agreement.



The video library houses a collection of around 1500 audiovisual documents, which are available to students and researchers alike. The majority of the library's documents are social science documentaries but it also holds recordings of seminars and conferences. While there is an emphasis on ethnographic and anthropological films, there are also sociological, historical and biographical documentaries. There is also a collection of printed resources including books about the cinema and the use of animated images in Social Science research. Since 2012, the French Society of Visual Anthropology (Société Française d’Anthropologie Visuelle, SFAV) has been housed in the EHESS's photo library. The EHESS and the SFAV's collections and the catalogue are available for onsite consultation only. There is no borrowing facility. Audio-visual documents are primarily in VHS and DVD formats. The department is currently extending the collection to include a video library that covers documentary history in all its diversity. The department also provides users with viewing posts for DVD, VHS, DV, DVCAM and Betacam formats; a slide projector is also available.

Consultation of documents by appointment only.

*Audiovisual and Image Department of  – 96, bd Raspail – 75006 Paris

Contact : Bénédicte Barillé ) 01 71 70 32 79 8



The EHESS is committed to safeguarding visual resources for the future and to the promotion of scientific activities through audio-visual media. In 2006 the Audio-Visual and Image Department was thus given the task of recording and making publicly accessible all major public events at the school. The video recording of EHESS scientific events (conferences, study days, debates, etc.) generates a “living memory”, which complements and enriches other ways of recording scientific knowledge (publications in a variety of formats, archives). The recordings of events therefore target a new public, both academic and non-academic, and the recording ensures enduring impact beyond the event itself. In the long term, this tangible trace will become a reference tool for studying the history of the institution and its activities.

Since November 2011, the audio-visual productions of the EHESS have been hosted on Canal U, the open access University Education digital video library. This interactive tool allows users to create their own “channels” and upload their own analyses and comments. The EHESS's digital video library covers events organized by the school's research centers and services. It contains more than 500 multi-disciplinary programs, which for the most part can be downloaded as audio podcasts. 

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