Created in 2011, the EHESS Endowment Fund is dedicated to supporting the work of young researchers, namely, PhD student and postdocs working on socio-economic issues and with people touched by these questions, in order to improve public understanding of todays’ world.

Beyond its role as a strategic funding tool, the Endowment foundation seeks to identify, promote, and develop projects between researchers and business in collaboration with the EHESS’s Research Management Team in order to promote excellence in research in the social sciences.

Below are some examples of the Endowment Fund’s programmes: 

PhD Write up Awards

Ever since the creation of the EHESS’s Endowment Fund, thanks to gifts and agreements with businesses, a dozen stipends are awarded to doctoral students who are in the final writing-up stage of their PhDs.

The 8/9 Advanced Studies

The concept is simple: one author, one book, one hour. Informal, lively breakfasts focused on the discussion of a book, often published by the Editions de l’EHESS, to promote the work of the EHESS to a non-academic public. (Affiliated to the Mayer Brown France competitive award)

“The Experiences of…” Seminar

Reflect on current issues with world-class social sciences specialists. Six sessions with six distinctive approaches to open debate on a key issue of public interest and relevance. (Part of the CDC Research Institute’s competitive funding award)

Follow this link to watch videos of the semainars and the 8/9 Studies Group

For further information, please contact:

Stéphane Audoin-Rouzeau

Director general of the EHESS Endowment Fund

+33 (0)149542378

Deborah Furet

Project officer for the Presidency Office and Research Development Management Team

+33 (0)149542502