• Jérôme Sackur - Psychology of Subjectivity

  • Emmanuel Saint-Fuscien - Obedience and Authority in the World of Schools: 1890 - 1970

  • Patricia Sampaio-Silvia-Uguet - 19th - 20th Century History of Brazil

  • Jacques Sapir - Economics of Former Soviet Economies in Transition

  • Gisèle Sapiro - Sociology of Disinterest: Intellectual and Artistic Domains Between Freedom and Commitment

  • Jean-Marie Schaeffer -  Artistic Creation and Aesthetic Relationships

  • Jean-Frédéric Schaub - Institution of Authorities: Comparative Histories

  • Regis Schlagdenhauffen - Socio-History of Sexual Orientation

  • Jean-Claude Schmitt - History of Images and Representations of the Medieval West

  • Silvia Sebastani - Englightenment Atlantic: Race, Gender, History

  • Carlo Severi - Anthropology of Memory

  • Valeria Siniscalchi - Anthropology of Economic Spaces

  • Alessandro Stanziani - 17th - 20th Century Global History of Economic Regimes

  • Sylvie Steinberg - Gender, Relationships and Hierarchy in the Modern Era

  • Wiktor Stoczkoswski - Cosmological Knowledge and Concepts in the Contemporary West

  • Emmanuel Szurek - Linguistic History: 19th - 20th Century Turkey and Europe


  • Serge Tcherkezoff - Anthropology of Polynesia

  • Miriam Teschl - Identity, Preference and Well-being: Conceptual Approaches

  • Valérie Tesnière - 19th - 21st Century Editorial Practices and Policies: From the "Research Bookshop" of the 19th Century to 21st Century Digital Knowledge

  • Irène Théry - Sociology of the Institution of Family

  • Laurent Thévenot - Pragmatic Sociology of Politics and Morality

  • Isabelle Thireau - Social Norms and Legitimacy in Contmporary China

  • Joël Théraval - Cultural Anthropology of the Contemporary World of China

  • Michel Tibon-Cornillot - Philosophy of Techniques

  • Jean Tirole - Advanced Corporate Finance

  • Christian Topalov - Cities: Science, Power, Society

  • Lahourari Toutati - History and Anthropology of Intellectual Cultures in the Muslim Middle Ages

  • Alain Trannoy - Economics of Inequality

  • Yannis Tsiomis - Modern and Contemporary Greece


  • Philippe Urfalino - Sociology of Decisions and Deliberation


  • Cécile Van de Velde - Comparative Sociology of Age and Generations

  • Sebastian Veg - Literature and Democracy in 20th Century China

  • Nicolas Verdier - 17th - 20th Century Geohistorical Practices: Between Historical and Geographical Reasoning 

  • Thierry Verdier - Economic Dynamics and Social Interactions

  • Cécile Vidal - Colonialisation, Slavery, and Creolization in the American Atlantic  

  • Georges Vigarello - History of Bodily Practices

  • Isabelle Ville-Ravaud - Contemporary Societies Through the Lens of Disability

  • Bernard Vincent - History of Iberian Worlds

  • Alexandre Vovin - Linguistic History of Japan and North East Asia


  • François Weil - Social History of North America

  • Michael Werner - Sociocultural History of 19th - 20th Century Franco-German Relationships 

  • Michel Wieviorka - Sociology of Conflict

  • Heinz Wismann - Hermeneutics and Intellectual Traditions

  • Eric Wittersheim - Anthropology of the State in Oceania


  • Tassadit Yacine - Anthropology of Domination: Practices, Discourses, Representations in Berber Societies


  • Larissa Zakharova - Communication Tools, Modes of Governance and Social Relationships in the 20th Century

  • Ekaterina Zhuravskaya - Political Economics of Government and Development

  • Bénédicte Zimmermann - Work, Flexibility, and Construction of the Social 

  • Francis Zimmermann - Anthropology and History of Science in the Indian World

  • Jean-Paul Zuniga - Working in the City: Actors, Spaces and Dynamics of Production in 18th Century Spanish America