The governing structure of the EHESS is innovative because of the role of the Assembly of Professors. Made up of all the professors and adjunct professors, this assembly is the sovereign body in areas of recruitment (of professors, assistant professors). It also elects the President of the School and the members of the Board, and debates the major strategic and scientific directions of the school.

The Administrative Council defines the general rules of the establishment. It deliberates on the content of the school contract. It approves the scientific programmes, based on the reports of the scientific council, and upon recommendation of the Assembly of Researchers. It votes on the budget, and studies and decides on the financial accounts. It sets the general conditions of employment for temporary and short-term contract staff, recruited with the school’s own resources. It decides the school’s internal rules.

The Scientific Council puts forward the research programmes. It decides on the distribution of research credits and transfers this to the Assembly of Researchers and the Administrative Council for the vote on the budget. It has a say in any issue having an impact on matters of research. In terms of teaching, it is notably involved in the inscription in the first year of the EHESS diploma. Every year it presents an activity report before the Assembly of Researchers and the Administrative council.