The EHESS is led by a President, elected by the Assembly of Researchers, who works in collaboration with a Board of four researchers from the school. The length of the President’s mandate is five years, renewable once. As part of his or her responsibilities the President can draw on the recommendations of the Steering Committee and a team of Project Officers.


Pierre-Cyrille Hautcœur

Steering Committee Advisor

François Hartog


Liora Israël, Board Secretary

Jérôme Dokic, Director of Teaching and Student Affairs

Etienne de la Vaissière, Research Officer

Gisèle Sapiro, International Officer

Director of General services

Hélène Moulin, Director

Bernard Baraton, Associate Director

Director of Research and Development

Philippe Casella

Director of Communication

Philippe Vellozzo

Project Officers

Isabelle Backouche, Campus Condorcet

Alain Blum, project 54 boulevard Raspail

Jean Boutier, Marseille campus

Jacques Chiffoleau, Lyon campus

Emanuele Coccia, Professional Equality

Elisabeth Dutartre, Resources and Archival policy

Philippe Boissinot, Toulouse campus

Nancy Green, EHESS mediator

Christian Jacob, Digital Humanities

Sébastien Lechevalier, Fondation de l’EHESS

Judith Lyon-Caen, Resources and Archival policy

Brigitte Mazon, Resources and Archival policy

Jacqueline Nivard, Open Archives

Pascale Haag, Student affairs