The EHESS's textual and print resources including collections donated by individuals are housed in the institution's many libraries and documentation centers.


Africa Studies Center (CEAf-IMAF)
Alexandre Koyré Center (CAK)
Archaeology of Culture, Spaces and Societies Center (TRACES)
Arts and Language Studies Center (CRAL)
Center for Interdisciplinary Solidarity, Societies, Territories in Social Anthropology (LISST-CAS)
Claude Lévi-Strauss Library (LAS) Collège de France / Partner Library to the EHESS
Colonial and Contemporary Brazil Studies Center (CRBC)
Demography and Social History Center (LaDéHiS-CRH)


East Asia Linguistics Center (CRLAO)
EHESS Archives
Gerner-Glotz Center for Anthropology and History of Ancient Worlds (ANHIMA)
Historical Anthropology of the Medieval West (GAHOM-CRH)
History, Archaeology and Literatures of Medieval Christian and Muslim Worlds (CIHAM)
India and South Asia Studies Center (CEIAS)
Institut Jean Nicod
Japan Studies Center (CRJ)
Jean-Marie Pesez Medieval Archaeology Center (GAM-CRH)Korea Studies Documentation and Resource Center (CRC)



Korea Studies Documentation and Resource Center (CRC)
Library of the Protestant Institute of Theology: Ricœur Collection Arts and Language Studies Center (CRAL / Partner Library to the EHESS)
Medicine, Health, Mental Health and Societies Center (CERMES 3)
Modern and Contemporary China Studies Centre  (CECMC)
North American Studies Center (CENA)
Pacific Foundation Oceania Studies Center (CREDO)



Raymond Aron Center for Sociology and Politics (CESPRA)
Russia, Caucasus and Central Europe Studies Center (CERCEC)
Russia, Caucasus and Central Europe Studies Visual Resources Center (CERCEC)
Social Sciences of Religion Center (CéSor)
South East Asia Center (CASE)
Vieille Charité Social Sciences Center
Visual and Audio-visual Resources Center - Videothèque - (DIA)
Yan Thomas Juridical Norms Study Centre (CENJ)