The EHESS's textual and print resources including collections donated by individuals are housed in the institution's many libraries and documentation centers.

See the list: A-D

  • Africa Studies Center (CEAf-IMAF)
  • Alexandre Koyré Center (CAK)
  • Archaeology of Culture, Spaces and Societies Center (TRACES)
  • Arts and Language Studies Center (CRAL)
  • Center for Interdisciplinary Solidarity, Societies, Territories in Social Anthropology (LISST-CAS)
  • Claude Lévi-Strauss Library (LAS) Collège de France / Partner Library to the EHESS
  • Colonial and Contemporary Brazil Studies Center (CRBC)
  • Demography and Social History Center (LaDéHiS-CRH)



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  • East Asia Linguistics Center (CRLAO)
  • EHESS Archives
  • Gerner-Glotz Center for Anthropology and History of Ancient Worlds (ANHIMA)
  • Historical Anthropology of the Medieval West (GAHOM-CRH)
  • History, Archaeology and Literatures of Medieval Christian and Muslim Worlds (CIHAM)
  • India and South Asia Studies Center (CEIAS)
  • Institut Jean Nicod
  • Japan Studies Center (CRJ)
  • Jean-Marie Pesez Medieval Archaeology Center (GAM-CRH)Korea Studies Documentation and Resource Center (CRC)



See the list: K-P

  • Korea Studies Documentation and Resource Center (CRC)
  • Library of the Protestant Institute of Theology: Ricœur Collection Arts and Language Studies Center (CRAL / Partner Library to the EHESS)
  • Medicine, Health, Mental Health and Societies Center (CERMES 3)
  • Modern and Contemporary China Studies Centre (CECMC)
  • North American Studies Center (CENA)
  • Pacific Foundation Oceania Studies Center (CREDO)



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  • Raymond Aron Center for Sociology and Politics (CESPRA)
  • Russia, Caucasus and Central Europe Studies Center (CERCEC)
  • Russia, Caucasus and Central Europe Studies Visual Resources Center (CERCEC)
  • Social Sciences of Religion Center (CéSor)
  • South East Asia Center (CASE)
  • Vieille Charité Social Sciences Center
  • Visual and Audio-visual Resources Center - Videothèque - (DIA)
  • Yan Thomas Juridical Norms Study Centre (CENJ)