East Asia Linguistics Center (CRLAO)

CRLAO's Documentation Center holds 20,500 works, 70% of which are in Chinese and minority languages of China. It is the most comprehensive collection of works on East Asian Linguistics in France. The Center holds collections in the following languages: Japanese and Korean - 1100 titles; Austroasiatic languages (primarily Vietnamese) - 220 titles; Tai-Kaida languages (primarily those in China) - 250 titles; Tibetan-Burmese languages - 650 titles; Austronesian languages (particularly those of Taiwan) - 220 titles; Altaic languages - around 450 titles.

The Library also has a section in General Linguistics, which has almost 1000 titles. The Library also houses a collection of around 1300 articles and papers presented at conferences and as lectures. CRLAO's Collection is split between la Maison de l'Asie and the Center at 105 Boulevard Raspail, 75006, Paris.

Contact : Michelle Abud, Cheng Ying

Opening hours: Maison de l'Asie: Monday - Friday 9am-6pm; Center Monday - Friday 10am-5pm.

Access: Maison de l'Asie: On-site consultation on the production of id and a photo. It is not possible to order works between 12 and 2pm or after 5pm; Center: On-site consultation between Monday - Friday 10am-5pm. Users are advised to contact the librarians in preparation for their visit.

Borrowing: Not specified.



EHESS Archives

The EHESS's Archives are institutional archives (including archives of presidents, agencies and supervisory bodies, and administrative services), which have been donated by research groups and centers. The EHESS Archives operates an active policy of acquiring the personal archives of researchers in relevant disciplines to preserve and enrich knowledge and teaching in the Social Sciences. Part of the Institutional Archive Collection is housed in the Archives nationales de Pierrefitte-sur-Seine.

Since 2013, the Researchers' Archives have been held in deposit at the Archives nationales awaiting the opening of the Grand équipement documentaire on the Condorcet Campus. Historical archives and archives which are being processed can be consulted via the EHESS Archive Service.

Introduction to the Collection

Content of Collection: Inventory of Institutional Archives: 6th Section EPHE / EHESS

Content of Collection: Inventory of Research Archives


Contact: Service des Archives de l'EHESS

Opening hours: By appointment. Mondays and Wednesdays 9:30am-1pm and 2pm-5pm. Closed Monday 31st October 2016; from Saturday 17th December 2016 - 2nd January 2017 inclusive.

Access: By appointment.

Borrowing: On-site consultation only.



Gerner-Glotz Center for Anthropology and History of Ancient Worlds (ANHIMA)

The Gerner-Glotz Library is supported by 5 institutions: EHESS, CNRS, EPHE, Paris 1 and Paris 7. The collection is dedicated to Ancient History (Classical Antiquity) covering the Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman worlds over a period that spans from the first millennium before Christ to the 5th Century B.C. and takes in the geographic area of the Greek-Roman Mediterranean.

The Center contains 50,000 documents and 450 periodicals, 150 of which are in current circulation. The Library is divided into the following areas: Literary Sources (Philology, Greek and Roman Publications, Commentaries, Christian Sources, Papyrology, Dead Sea Manuscripts); Epigraphical Sources (Greek and Roman Epigraphy, Onomastics, Prosopography); History and Anthropology of Greek and Roman Societies (Political Institutions, History of Religions, Law, Ancient Philosophy, Anthropology, Gender History); Ancient Iconography (Religious and Mythological Iconography, Iconography on Greek Vases, Iconography of Social Practices); and Historiography (Creation and Dissemination of Knowledge of Antiquity since the Renaissance, History of Erudition and Intellectual Practices).

The collection houses 40,000 documents, inherited in part from the libraries of the following intellectuals, Charles Picard, William Seston, Emilenne Demougeot, Jean-Pierre Vernant, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Pierre Amandry; a collection coming from the Poinnsot Family (family of archeologists working in North Africa); and also works donated from the libraries of Pierre Salama and Noël Duval, which were given to the INHA library and some of which are housed in the ANHIMA Center. The periodical collection is available through the CEAMO, Université Paris-Sorbonne.

Contact : Yannick Rivalain

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9:30am-6pm. Annual closure in August.

Access: Open to researchers, professors, PhD and Masters students, teachers and specialists of Ancient History. Art Historians and curators interested in Ancient History, who wish to consult the documents held by the Center must fill in a registration form.

Borrowing: Borrowing only for university professors, CNRS researchers, and students of Paris 1, Paris 7, Paris-Sorbonne, EHESS, EPHE, and members and associates of ANHIMA.



Historical Anthropology of the Medieval West (GAHOM-CRH)

Specialist library and database linked to the research questions and projects of the Historical Anthropology of the Medieval West Research Group (GAHOM). The library has held the following collections since the following dates: (since 1978) Medieval Literature of Exempla; (since 1983) Medieval Images; and (since 2005) Comparative History of towns in the Germanic region at the end of the Middle Ages. Since 1st October 2008, new acquisitions have been added to the Sudoc and Babylone systems, which can be found in the MSH-Paris catalogue. The Library is in the process of converting its computerized catalogue (1993-2008).

Contact : Aline Debert

Opening hours: To consult the collection, please contact Aline Debert.

Access: See above.

Borrowing: See above.



History, Archaeology and Literatures of Medieval Christian and Muslim Worlds (CIHAM)

The CIHAM Center, ISH Site, in Lyon holds 7000 reference works, which cover topics studied by members of the Center including: sources on Medieval History and Literature; Medieval Archaeology, Medieval History (in particular, History of the Papacy in Spain and Italy), Medieval Literature, PhD theses, Master's and DEA dissertations, Work Tools, and periodicals.

Contact : Marie du Halgouët

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 8:45am-11:45am and 2pm-4:45pm; Friday 9am-12:15pm and 1:45pm-4:15pm

Access: Granted to: statutory or associate members of CIHAM; PhD students in Research Centers 5648 or 5138; Master's Students in Comparative History and Archaeology of Medieval Societies and Master's students studying Cultures of Text and Image; 3rd year undergraduates, who have a letter from their professor.

Borrowing: Up to 4 documents for a maximum of 3 weeks.



India and South Asia Studies Center (CEIAS)

The Library for the India and South Asia Studies Center is housed in 'la bibliothèque de la Maison de l'Asie', the House of Asia Library. La library contains documentation and collections from a number of research centers: the EHESS/EPHE, and the Library of the French School of the Far East (EFEO). It holds 30,000 titles, 3000 articles, 270 maps, 445 periodicals (54 of which are in current circulation), and periodicals available in the Reading Room for CEIAS researchers.

Contact: Thomas Corpet; Marielle Morin; Information CEIAS

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm.

Access: In order to consult documents on-site, you need to show id and a photo. Documents cannot be ordered after 5pm.

Borrowing: To obtain borrowing rights, you need id and a reference letter from a member of the Center. Registration for borrowing is on the 4th floor in the Bureau des documentalistes, the Documentation Staff Office. From January 2016, registration for borrowing will be done centrally through the House of Asia Library.



Institut Jean Nicod

Created at the same time as the Research Units (UMR) in 2002, this library is dedicated to Analytic Philosophy and Cognitive Science, which are brought together under the theme of the human mind and its linguistic, mental/psychological and social representations.

Contact: Sophie Bilardello

Opening hours: Every day 9am-12 and 2pm-5pm.

Access: The library is open to all researchers and persons interested in using the collections. Non-EHESS staff / members of the public need to make an appointment with Sophie Bilardello to consult documents on-site.

Borrowing: Borrowing rights for researchers and students enrolled at the Institute.



Japan Studies Center (CRJ)

Part of the CRJ's collection comes from the Centre for Research and Documentation on Contemporary Japan created by Christian Sautter and Philippe Pons in 1973. Originally, the Center specialized in economic activity in Japan. The Center houses 13,000 monographs mainly in Japanese (65%), otherwise, mainly in English (30%), or French (5%). It holds journal articles and theses and carries 107 journals, 49 of which are still in circulation. The majority of the journals are in Japanese (70%). The collection specializes in Social Sciences in Modern, Pre-Modern (from the beginning of the Meiji era) and Contemporary Japan, however, it also includes works from earlier periods dating back to the Edo era. In order of number of works per topic, the library houses writing on: History, Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Urban Planning, Geography, Philosophy, Religion, Anthropology, Ethnology, Law, Art and Literature.

Contact: Yasuko D'Hulst

Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10am-12 and 2pm-5pm.

Access: The Library is only open to researchers, professors, PhD and Masters students in Japanese Studies. In the Reading Room, you will find a selection of periodicals that are currently in circulation, primarily on History, and reference works. The majority of the collection is not open-access. It is therefore necessary to make an appointment by email stating the documents which you would like to consult.

Borrowing: On-site consultation only.



Jean-Marie Pesez Medieval Archaeology Center (GAM-CRH)

The documentation center of the Medieval Archaeology Research Group covers the following subject areas: History, Archaeology and Iconography of Cultural Objects, History and Archaeology of Occupation of the Land and of Rural and Urban Populations in France and Italy.

The collection includes monographs, articles, archives and image databases resulting from the work of the Research Group. In 1998, Jean-Marie Pesez, founder of the Research Group, donated his personal collection to the library. In 2008, Marcel Lachiver, a researcher in the Rural World also donated part of his library to the collection. Françoise Piponnier, an archaeologist and specialist in inventories of the deceased and of medieval costumes, donated part of her library and archives to the Center.

Archives: 10,000 still images - slides and black and white and color photos taken by the research Group during archaeological digs; notebooks and records of digs; plans and maps of archeological sites.

Databases: Access to the two private databases of the Research Group is restricted with on-site consultation by appointment only: Medieval Agriculture, Artisan Trades, Daily Life, etc. (roughly 30,000 images); Food, Health, Hygiene, Travel, Pilgrimage, Exoticism, Seafaring, Countryside, Animals, Science and Technology, Artisan Trades, Ceramics, Painting, Illumination, Castles, War, Weaponry, Home Life, House, Furniture, Family Life, Childhood, Games, Education, etc. (around 40,000 images), Death (roughly 2000 images).

Contact: Patricia Bleton

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 10am-12:30 and 2pm-6pm

Access: Rights reserved for EHESS researchers or doctoral students in the EHESS's Histoire et civilisations program. Access is permitted to non-EHESS researchers and students who are in the second year of their Master's degree on presentation of a professional card, a document attesting the holder's researcher status, or a student card. 

Borrowing: On-site consultation only, by appointment.