Raymond Aron Center for Sociology and Politics (CESPRA)

CESPRA's collection specializes in works on History, Sociology, Political Philosophy and provides manuals, documentary series, and classical works of reference. The Library also includes the 3200-volume personal collection of François Furet, the Historian of the French Revolution.

The Library is structured around three collections:

  • Political Philosophy and Political Sociology;
  • The French Revolution
  • Alexis de Tocqueville Collection.

The Library's catalogue can be consulted online via Babylone, a collective online catalogue. Since 2006, the Library also features in SUDOC, the University Documentation System catalogue.

The Center also houses a collection dedicated to Raymond Aron, which includes Aron's books and articles, and books, articles, theses, and dissertations on Aron. Consultation of the Aron Collection is complemented by consultation of the Raymond Aron internet site, which is regularly updated and offers free access to a complete bibliography of works of and on Raymond Aron. In order to consult the private collection of Raymond Aron, readers need to contact the Documentation Service at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, 58 rue de Richelieu, Paris 75002.

Fonds Raymond Aron, Inventaire by Elisabeth Dutartre-Michaut, available in Editions de la BNF (inventory contains 238 boxes of archives). 

Contact : Elisabeth Dutartre-Michaut



Russia, Caucasus and Central Europe Studies Center (CERCEC)

The Russia, Caucasus and Central Europe Studies Center was created in 1961 as the USSR Documentation Center. The original collection contains works on: History (18th - 19th Century History of the Russian Empire; History of Ideas and Social Movements; Social and Cultural History of the Elites) and Sociology (Sociology of National Groups, in particular Muslims in the Soviet Union; Rural Sociology, and Sociology of the Elites).

The Center contains documents relating to the History, Sociology, Demography, and Geography of Russia, the USSR, the CEI, and Central and Eastern Europe. The Resource Center is managed by CERCEC, the Center for Russia, Caucasus and Central Europe Studies. Works concerning the Turkish world are managed by CETOBAC.

Since the end of Communist regimes and the opening of the archives in former Communist countries, the Center has been active in renewing the historiography of this period by enlarging the collection in History and Sociology and reference works. The Library's acquisition of the first three volumes of the Great Russian Encyclopaedia forms part of the renewal project. CERCEC also holds a substantial collection of archive guides, which may be particularly useful to PhD and Master's students.

Contact : Krystyna Frank; Dmitri Gouzévitch

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9:30am-12 and 2pm-5pm. It is possible to use the library between 12 and 2pm and up to 6:15pm by making an appointment: 33 (0) 1 43 13 56 71; 33(0) 1 43 13 56 64.

Access: Priority is given to researchers and students of the EHESS and the CNRS. The Center is open to members of the public depending on the number of available work places.

Borrowing: Not specified.



Russia, Caucasus and Central Europe Studies Visual Resources Center (CERCEC)

Created in 1985 as a result of the initiative of Marc Ferro, EHESS Research Director and Head of the Research Group "History and Cinema". CERCEC's Visual Resources Center containing audiovisual and iconographic documents relating to Russia and the USSR is the only center of its kind in France. The Center provides access to researchers and students to visual materials such as films, programs, documentaries, posters, photographs, etc., which are necessary for any research on Russia and the Soviet Union. The Center offers a centralized collection of different types of documents accessible through a range of media formats. The collection includes moving images (90%), comprising 3000 hours of video documentation, which is in the process of being transferred to DVD, and still images (10%).

Contact: Marie-Hélène Mandrillon

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, by appointment.

Access: The Center does not hold rights to the moving images in its collection. Access is therefore limited to researchers and students of institutes of Higher Education or Research.

Borrowing: On-site viewing is free but copies cannot be made of any of the material.



Social Sciences of Religion Center (CéSor)

The Center for European Religious Anthropology (CARE) is the founding member of a new EHESS Research Lab created in 2015, the Center for Social Studies of Religion (CéSor), UMR 8216 of the CNRS. Since the creation of CARE in 1972, the Library has carried publications and sources about cults and French and European sanctuaries and pilgrimages. It also contains analytic documents and bibliographic details of research carried out under the direction of Alphonse Dupron on forms and uses of sacredness. The Library also holds a collection of over 2000 works donated by Danièle Hervieu-Leger, who inherited the collection from Jean Séguy, a Sociologist of Religion. These works focus particularly on the Religious History of Modern England and Mennonite communities. This donated collection adds to the library's documents on the history of la Compagnie de Jésus and in Religious Sociology, in particular, the work of Ernst Troeltsch. The catalogue, which will bring together this section of the collection, is under development. The online catalogue lists the collection's 5000 reference works including monographs, journals, and brochures, which are available for on-site consultation in the Library. Open-access documents relating to History, Religious Iconography and Anthropology are available for consultation in the Reading Room. 

Contact: Agnès Bastian

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 10am-12:30 and 2pm-5:30pm.

Access: On-site consultation for all students and researchers.

Borrowing: On-site consultation only



South East Asia Center (CASE)

The collection holds around 21,900 monographs (half of which are in vernacular languages), and 32 periodicals concerning the islands of South East Asia, in particular, Indonesia. Since 2011, the collection has expanded to include works on continental South East Asia.

Contact: Hélène Poitevin

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm.

Access: Documents available for on-site consultation.

Borrowing: Borrowing rights for CASE Members and other authorized persons.



Vieille Charité Social Sciences Center

The generalist and specialist collections of the Vieille Charité Center complement and result from the research and teaching carried out at the CNRS and the EHESS. The collection has been further developed in recent years through its collaboration with the two Research Centers Center Norbert Elias (Anthropology, Communication, History, Sociology) and GREQAM (Research in Quantitative Economics at Aix-Marseille), which covers Anthropology, Economics, History and Sociology. The Center holds monographs as well as theses, Master's, DEA and DESS dissertations, research reports and articles totalling around 15,000 documents. It also contains French- and foreign-language Social Science periodicals including some rare and specialist journals (365 titles, 110 of which the Library currently subscribes to). The Library has large collections in the following subject areas: Cultural Forms and Models - Sociology of Culture and Communication; Sexualised Dimension of Life, Family Sociology, Gender and Sexuality; Social Sciences and Life Sciences - Knowledge and Techniques; Modern and Contemporary History, History of Science and Health, Colonial History and Historiography; General Sociology, Urban Sociology, Sociology of Religions; Epistemology of Social Sciences; Comparative Political Spaces and Objects; General Anthropology, Anthropology of Africa, Anthropology and Sociology of Development and Health; Micro- and Macro-Economics, Econometrics and International Economics, Finance, Gambling/Gaming Theory, Statistics; Economic Philosophy, Public Economics; Urban/Regional/Industrial/Workplace/Environmental Economics, Economic Development and Growth.

Contact: Alba Balestri; Abel Bismuth

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 10am-6pm. Annual closures: Christmas school holidays and month of August.

Access: Open access to members of the public.

Borrowing: Borrowing rights only for students and former students of the EHESS and researchers / professors from the two Research Centers. Only books can be borrowed.



Visual and Audio-visual Resources Center - Videothèque - (DIA)

The EHESS's Vidéothèque provides access for researchers and students to 1,400 films and filmed recordings of research seminar series and conferences as well as to print resources including books and articles on the cinema and the moving image as an object of study or in relation to the Social Sciences. For the most part, the films in the collection are Social Sciences documentaries with an ethnographical or anthropological focus. Since 2012, the EHESS's Vidéothèque is also home to the French Society for Visual Anthropology (SFAV). The SFAV's collection contains more than a hundred classic foreign films (1914-2013) covering the major epochs in Anthropological Cinema. The Vidéothèque also contains sociological and historical documentary films as well as biographies.

Contact: Information Vidéothèque - DIA; Bénédicte Barille

Opening hours: By appointment only.

Access: On-site consultation of the EHESS and SFAV Collections and Vidéothèque Catalogue.

Borrowing: Borrowing rights for EHESS Staff - researcher-professors and administrative staff as well as researchers from the CNRS and other Research Centers.


Yan Thomas Juridical Norms Study Centre (CENJ)

The library of the CENJ specializes in law, philosophy of law and history of law. The collection is the personal library of Yan Thomas, donated by his son, to the Centre of Juridical norms in 2009. It includes 1,500 volumes dedicated principally to Roman law, legal history and the history of antiquity and a collection of doctoral theses published in France between 1924 and 1967 (around 4,500 theses covering the topics of law, political sciences and economics).

Contact: Information CENJ

Opening hours: Monday 2pm-5pm; Wednesday 2pm-6pm; Thursday 10am-1pm.

Access: To consult documents, readers must show a valid id.

Borrowing: Documents are available for on-site consultation only, in the reading room.