Groupe de recherche en économie mathématique et quantitative - GREMAQ

GREMAQ along with LERNA and ARQADE, is one of the foudners of the RTRA Toulouse School of Economics - Jean-Jacques Laffont Foundation.

The Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) covers 10 main research areas.

GREMAQ Rsearchers are major players in eight of those research areas:

  • Agriculture and Agrialimentation;
  • Experimental and Behavioural Economics;
  • Econometrcis;
  • Industrial Economics;
  • Public Sector Economics;
  • Theorectical Economics;
  • Macroeconomics;
  • Mathematics and Statistics.


GREMAQ is an international research center promoting exchanges between its professors, researchers, and students and other top American and European academic institutions. The Center participates in a number of European research networks including ENTER, ASSET and TMR. GREMAQ scholars are editors or on the editorial boards of 30 highly-reputed international scientific reviews.

The Center's members often co-publish with researchers from other countries.