Centre Maurice Halbwachs - CMH

Founded in 2006, the CMH brings together the former research laboratory that published INSEE reports and worked on analysis of longitudinal data, LASMAS, and the Social Sciences Department of the Ecole Normale Supérieure. It is therefore under the direction of three research institutions: ENS, EHESS, and CNRS.

The Center specialises the analysis of structures and social inequality both in France and internationally.

One of the Center's unique research contributions is the use of mixed methodologies in which longitudinal data is combined with qualitative or ethnographic research.

The work of the CMH covers 4 research areas:

  • ERIS - social inequalities focusing on the experiences of social actors using quantative and qualitative methodologies and generating methodological reflection;
  • ETT - surveys, fieldwork, and theory. This Section brings together histrorians and political scientists. Researchers work closely with the Social Sciences Department of the ENS and are directly involved in the PDI Masters Programme in Interdisciplinary Practices;
  • GRECO - analysis of social cohesion through national and international statistics from big data sources and developing theories concerning social justice. The team works with the Archives des données issues de la statistique publique to make availble the result of big national data surveys to other researchers.
  • PRO - employment, networks and orgainsation. Historically, this Section works on the Sociology of Employment with a focus on Training. Economics and Finance are growing research areas along with questions of Gender and Law.