Institut Marcel Mauss - IMM

The Institut Marcel Mauss is made up of 4 research centers:

  • the CEMS (Centre d'étude des mouvements sociaux);
  • the CENJ (Centre d'études des normes juridiques - Yan Thomas);
  • the LIAS (Linguistique, Anthropologique, Sociolinguistique);
  • the LIER (Laboratoire interdisciplinaire d’études sur les réflexivités).

Founded on 1st January 2006, the IMM's work is brought together by its emphasis on the French sociological tradition exemplified by the work of Marcel Mauss.

Work at the Center covers Science of Law (notably, History of Comparative Law), Science of Language, Sociology and Anthropology, and engages in on-going reflexion on the questions of norms, language, and social practices.


Sandra Laugier