December, 2018

Visions of the Future

Anne Simon, Gisèle Sapiro
Vered Karti Shemtov

Proceedings of conference Visions of the Future, Vered Karti Shemtov, Gisèle Sapiro and Anne Simon (Eds.), Dibur Literary Journal, Arcade-Stanford University, issue 6, fall 2018.  The conference was jointly organized by Vered Karti Shemtov (Stanford), Gisèle Sapiro (CESSP-EHESS) et Sadia Agsous (CESSP-EHESS), with the support of Stanford University,  Centre de recherches sur les arts et le langage (CNRS/EHESS) and Université PSL.

The journal is available online 


Vered Karti Shemtov, Gisèle Sapiro, Anne Simon

Ella Elbaz

Sadia Agsous

Smadar Shiffman

Elana Gomel, Vered Karti Shemtov

Elana Gomel

Vered Karti Shemtov

Margaret Cohen

Amir Eshel

Anne Simon

Emmanuel Bouju

Marielle Macé

Aliocha Imhoff, Kantuta Quirós