Special zones and territorialities of East Asian developmental states

Dans le cadre du séminaire Current Research in Socio-Economics, animé par Eve Chiapello, directrice d’études de l’EHESS et Paul Lagneau-Ymonet, maître de conférences à l’Université Paris-Dauphine,

Park, Bae-Gyoon, professeur invité de l’EHESS 

présente une conférence intitulée

Special zones and territorialities of East Asian developmental states

le 11 mars de 17h à 19h – salle AS1_23, 54 bd Raspail, Paris.

(En anglais)

This lecture aims to provide a conceptual framework to see the special zones in East Asia in relation to the territoriality of the state. In particular, I try to theorize the special zones in relation to the dialectics of the contradictory relations between mobility and fixity inherent in the territoriality of the modern nation state. In addition, it will be suggested to see special zones as an essential part of the spatiality of the East Asian developmental states, given the spatio-temporal contexts of the East Asian capitalist development. On the basis of these theoretical discussions, I will divide the special zones that have been developed in East Asia since the 1960s into 3 different types: 1) special zones in transition economies, 2) developmentalist special zones, 3) neo-liberal special zones.

Aires culturelles Géographie, Urbaines (études) Asie orientale

Informations pratiques

  • Monday 11 March 2019 - 17:00 to 19:00
  • EHESS - 54 bd Raspail (salle AS1_23), Paris.