Seth M. Holmes

A cultural and medical anthropologist and physician, he has worked on social hierarchies, health inequities, and the ways in which such asymmetries are naturalized, normalized, and resisted in the context of transnational im/migration, agro-food systems, and health care. 

He has received national and international awards from the fields of anthropology, sociology, and geography, including the Margaret Mead Award.  He is a member of the faculty of the Division of Society and Environment and the Joint PhD Program in Medical Anthropology as well as affiliated faculty in the Department of Anthropology as well as the Division of Community Health Sciences and the Joint Medical MD/MS Program in the School of Public Health.  He is Co-Chair of the Berkeley Center for Social Medicine and Co-Director of the MD/PhD Track in Medical Anthropology coordinated between UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco. 

In addition to scholarly publications, he has written for popular media such as The Huffington Post  and The Guardian and spoken on multiple NPR, PRI, Pacifica Radio and Radio Bilingüe radio programs. 

Seth M. Holmes participe au Programme Professeurs invités de l’EHESS, sur proposition de Muriel Darmon (CESSP) et Nathalie Bajos (IRIS).



Collaborative Ethnography, Food Systems and Health

Dans le cadre du séminaire Gendhi / Nathalie Bajos

  • Mercredi 10 mai 2023 - Campus Condorcet


Training for Unequal Care: Social Inequities and the Clinical Gaze

Dans le cadre du séminaire du CESSP / Muriel Darmon

  • Jeudi 11 mai 2023 - EHESS Raspail


Social Inequalities and Health

Discussion dans le cadre du séminaire du CERMES3

  • Vendredi 12 mai 2023 - site Saints-Pères


Fresh Fruit, Broken Brodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States

Dans le cadre du séminaire du CENA / Nicolas Barreyre

  • Lundi 5 juin 2023 - EHESS Condorcet



Migrations, Discriminations, and Social Inequality in Health

Discussion dans le cadre du séminaire du CERMES3

  • Vendredi 9 juin 2023 - site Villejuif