EHESS permanent faculty members are elected to the position of Associate Professor and Professor in the faculty member's chosen research area, by the Academic Assembly.

EHESS comprises 175 Professors (some of whom are employed by another research body or university), and 77 Associate Professors who are affiliated with the Research Center (the Joint Research Unit - UMR) of their choice. Through their innovative and high-quality research, their role is to coordinate a broader community of scholars, within research laboratories and scientific networks in France, in Europe and overseas.


By Field

  • History

                      - General Problems
                      - Social History and Demography
                      - History of Sciences
                      - History of Techniques
                      - History and Civilizations of Africa
                      - History and Civilizations of the Americas
                      - History and Civilizations of Asia
                      - History and Civilizations of Europe

                                     - Mediterranean World
                                     - Jewish Studies
                                     - German Studies
                                     - Iberian Studies
                                     - Muslim World
                                     - Central and Eastern Europe


By Alphabetical order