November, 2018
Laurent Dousset, Mélissa Nayral

Pacific Realities

Changing Perspectives on Resilience and Resistance

Mélissa Nayral

Throughout the Pacific region, people are faced with dramatic changes, often described as processes of “glocalization”; individuals and groups espouse multilayered forms of identity, in which global modes of thinking and doing are embedded in renewed perceptions of local or regional specificities. Consequently, new forms of resistance and resilience – the processes by which communities attempt to regain their original social, political, and economic status and structure after disruption or displacement – emerge. Through case studies from across the Pacific which transcend the conventional “local-global” dichotomy, this volume aims to explore these complex and interwoven phenomena from a new perspective.


Laurent Dousset is Professor at the EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences) and member of the CREDO (Centre for Research and Documentation on Oceania, Marseilles). His publications include Assimilating Identities: Social Networks and the Diffusion of Sections (Oceania Monographs, 2005), The Scope of Anthropology (with S. Tcherkézoff, Berghahn 2012).

Mélissa Nayral holds a PhD in Anthropology from the French University of Aix-Marseille (2013). She currently is a postdoctoral fellow of the CREDO (Centre for Research and Documentation on Oceania, Marseilles) and teaches anthropology at Toulouse Jean Jaurès University. Her interests are political anthropology, New Caledonia and ethnography.