Elena Trubina

Elena Trubina is a Professor in Social Theory at the Ural Federal University. She is invited by Emmanuel Pedler (Centre Norbert Elias) and will take part of the Visiting Porfessors Program designe by EHESS from 1 th January till 30th January 2019.

Elena Trubina has previously been a visiting professor/researcher at the Universities of Berlin, Harvard, Helsinki, Budapest and research institutions of Vienna. She is also the director of the Center for Global Urbanism at her home university. She is a member of editorial boards of the journals Etnographicheskoe obozrenie, Siberian Historical Research and Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media.

She explores theories of cities, neoliberalism, mega-events and creativity while attempting to theorise with the East as part of the globality. In the last two years, she co-edited the thematic issues on cultural institutions in Russia for “Cultural Studies” and on unfinished Soviet construction projects for Siberian Historical Research. She is currently co-editing a special issue of Eurasian Geography and Economics entitled “The Global East in global urbanism: views from between North and South”.


Session of the seminar "Dynamiques de la culture".

Personalized and socialized charisma (the music collectives and their leaders (i.e. the case of Ekaterinburg and Perm).

  • January 30, 11h–13h

The global neoconservative turn and its impact on cultural industries.

  • January 30, 14h30–16h30


Conversation with Elena Trubina.

  • February 6, 11h–12h


Additional session of the seminar "Dynamiques de la culture".

The lure of "gigantic" things: why "the bigger the better" principle rules culture, too?

  • May 8, 11h–13h


Additional session of the seminar "Dynamiques de la culture".

Moscow-Ekaterinburg and Paris-Marseille: the lessons of relational approach.

  • May 15, 14h30–16h30



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