Centre d'études sociologiques et politiques Raymond-Aron - CESPRA

Following a line of thought which takes in Aristote, Mauss, and Lefort as points of reference, "the political" can be defined as that which binds a society together. From this standpoint, the Center investigates how the Social Sciences are rooted in modern political philiosophy.

While maintaining the distinction between political philosophy and social sciences of the political, CESPRA's work focuses on forms of the political (with a particular focus on representative democracies), their violent transformation (civil war and revolution), and their articluation of the social and the political.

The Center is supportive of the return within French Social Sciences to approaches which combine normative analyses with positive investigation.


International study group on spatial dimensions of public memory

Friday 2 March 2018

« International study group on spatial dimensions of public memory » PublicDemoS (Public Space Democracy) Public space is the place for assembly of people, empowerment of persons. It is the hub of democracy as well as the manifestation of state power. PublicDemoS Project explores the ways in which new forms of public agency extends politics...