Centre de recherche et de documentation sur l'Océanie - CREDO

CREDO specialises in the study of societies of the south Pacific in the disciplinary areas of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Archeological History, Ethnomusicology and Ethnolinguistics.


The fallacy of symmetry, or how Australian Aboriginal people think of kinship differently

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Australian cultures have often been used to illustrate the complexities and the formalized nature that human social organization can reach through approaches that underline social symmetry and boundedness. This lecture will show that the latter are at the most an indigenous meta-discourse describing the ideal of reciprocity as the fundamental value of the moral order...

Digital science: dangers and opportunities for the social sciences and humanities

Thursday 1 December 2016 to Friday 2 December 2016

The lectures illustrate and discuss the opportunities and the dangers inherent in digitizing research in the social sciences and humanities. A discussion of Derrida’s Mal d’Archives and the critique of contemporary digital ontologies will lead to suggest constructive ways to interact with the digital tools while providing added value for archiving and analysis. These lectures...