The EHESS's Research Centers are fundamental to the development of scientific activity and to the training of young researchers. They are a key component in the School's scientific policy and essential to the work of faculty members at an institutional, national and international level.

The vast majority of the EHESS's researchers, Assistant / Associate Professors, Research Directors and the scientific teams in which they participate, are affiliated to one of 35 Research Centers, among which 33  "Joint Research Units" (UMRs). These Research Centers or UMRs are co-managed by the national research council, the CNRS. These Research Centers bring together scholars and research teams from the leading academic institutions in France, including the CNRS, and cover an extensive range of disciplines: history, sociology, anthropology, economics, geography, archaeology, psychology, and linguistics. 

UMRs are often multi-disciplinary, bringing together researchers from a range of suject areas. This is particularly true for those specializing in “cultural zones”, which take a holistic approach to the exploration of socio-cultural issues and diversity in Asia, America, Africa and Europe.  28 of the UMRs are based in Ile-de-France, 3 in Marseille, 3 in Toulouse, and 1 in Lyon.

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