Sketch Thought and Art in Practice


Johanna Liu 劉千美

The papers of this special issue discuss the question of sketch as a subject matter of aesthetics, in theory and in practice, rather than an art history. The issue of sketch does not necessarily concern with artworks. Thus, in “Sketch as Medium in Collective Musical Creation: The Case of Atlas Lab Taipei 2017”, the authors, Yang Chien-Chang et al., take the schematic musical notations on a sheet of paper as an indispensable practice in order to harmonize all the musicians of an orchestra. In this case, the aesthetic value of sketch is not a step for completing an individual work, but an indispensable element for the construction of a collective artwork. In "Le réseau fluide dans la création en image de Wolfgang Tillmans", Lin Chi-Ming demonstrates the aesthetic function of sketch  in Tilmans’ exhibitions' preparatory maps,  representing a crucial and valuable step of display,  but not being artistic works. In “From sketch to fragment”, Jean-Marie Schaeffer examines the different meanings of sketch in European art to underline the focal points and the divergences between sketch and fragment. Whereas in "Beyond Brush and Ink: Sketch Thought and Practice in Classical Chinese Poetry and Painting”, Johanna Liu argues about the specificities of sketch in Chinese arts, rethinking the tension between making and sketching, as well as the poetic power of incompleteness in Chinese literati's art making. Even though, drawings and sketches are not always artistic, however, as Huang Kuan-Min explains in “Roughness and Sketch: The Barbarian Principle in Arts”, sketches and drawings keep a common rough aspect, related to the birth of an artwork for instance. Far from being a constraint, a preparatory drawing or sketch are therefore an expectation, a promise of something else, though they can be considered as artworks per se. The appreciation of the Taiwanese painter Tsai Shui-lin’s works can be understood in this context, as Tsai Shih-Wei has indicated in "Unfinishedness and sketch consciousness in Tsai Shui-Lin’s Works."


Table of Contents

Special Issue: Sketch Thought and Art Practice

1 Introduction: Sketch Thought and Art Pratice Yolaine ESCANDE, Joanna LIU
5 From Sketch to Fragment Jean-Marie SCHAEFFER
19 Roughness and Sketch: The Barbarian Principle in Arts Kuan-Min HUANG
43 Beyond Brush and Ink: Sketch Thought and Practice in Classical Chinese Poetry and Painting Johanna LIU
57 Sketch as Medium in Collective Musical Creation: The Case of Atlas Lab Taipei 2017 Chien-Chang YANG, Yu-Hsuan LIAO, Tzu-Ying CHUANG
79 Le réseau fluide dans la création en image de Wolfgang Tillmans Chi-Ming LIN
93 Unfinishedness and sketch consciousness in Tsai Shui-Lin’s Works Shih-Wei TSAI

Special Topic Book Reviews

109 Giorgio AGAMBEN, Creation and Anarchy. The Work of Art and the Religion of Capitalism Yolaine ESCANDE
115 Marcus du SAUTOY, The Creativity Code : Art and Innovation in the Age of AI Johanna LIU


119 An Intellectual Approach to the Idea of “Heaven” in the “Mandate of Heaven” from The Doctrine of the Mean—-A Tentative Philosophical Dialogue between Classical Confucianism and the Origins of Natural Numbers Chiu-yun HUANG, Hsin-Er HUANG
137 Comparison of Confucius’s Human Naturee with Laozi Wei-Hao LEE
153 On Li Zehou’s Critique of Language Xiaobo YANG
167 Is Equality Motivated by Envy?:John Rawls On the Relation of Envy and Equality Feng XU

Commen Book Reviews

181 Thomas FUCHS, Ecology of the Brain: The Phenomenology and Biology of the Embodied Mind Mei-Hsin CHEN
187 Bauruei DUH, Duh Bauruei’s Theoretical Truth in Chinese Philosophy of Life Guiqin JIANG
193 Yan YAN, “Body” Chinese Philosophy from Phenomenological Perspective——Comments on “do— get—lead to: Tao and Body” Jilin LI

197 News Ed. by Nai-Hsiang TU

201 From the Editor Chien Shuo CHIU

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1 導言:草稿思維與藝術實踐專題 幽蘭(Yolaine ESCANDE)、劉千美
5 從草稿到碎片 薛佛(Jean-Marie SCHAEFFER)
19 粗糙感與草稿:藝術中的野蠻原理 黃冠閔
43 筆墨之外:古典文人詩書畫的草稿思維與實踐 劉千美
57 草圖作為集體音樂創作中的媒介:以臺北2017輿圖工作坊(Atlas Lab)為例 楊建章、莊子瑩、廖于萱
79 Wolfgang Tillmans影像創作中的流動性網絡 林志明
93 未完成的作品:蔡水林的藝術創作與草稿意識 蔡士瑋

109 書評:阿甘本,《創作與無政府狀態:藝術作品與資本主義的宗教》 幽蘭(Yolaine ESCANDE)
115 書評:馬庫斯‧杜‧索托伊,《創造力密碼:人工智能時代中的創新與藝術》 劉千美

119 論《中庸》天命之「天」觀念的知性解讀進路——古典儒學與自然數起源的思想對話之嘗試 黃秋韻、黃信二
137 論孔子與老子義理中「性」之比較 李瑋皓
153 論李澤厚的「語言批判」 楊曉波
167 平等是妒忌的結果?——以約翰‧羅爾斯為中心的考察 徐峰

181 書評:湯瑪斯‧福斯,《大腦生態學:具身性的現象學與生物學》 陳美杏
187 書評:杜保瑞,《中國生命哲學真理觀》 姜桂芹
193 書評:燕燕,《行—得—通:道與身》 李季林

197 杜迺翔 編

201 編後語 邱建碩

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