2018/2019 CEAFJP Post-doctoral Fellowship

“Asian Capitalisms: Diversity and Institutional Change”

The CEAFJP seeks applications for a post-doctoral contract of ten months, from 1 November 2018 to 31 August 2019.

Scientific Rationale

In discussions among economists, sociologists and political scientists in Europe and North America, theories and concepts of comparative and international political economy have only recently been applied in systematic ways to Asia and the specific institutional configurations of its key economies. At the same time, the rapid transformation of Asia’s older and newer capitalisms are posing new theoretical challenges.

This call for a post-doctoral fellowship promotes integrated approaches to the transformations of contemporary capitalisms in Asia and explore the links between the changes of capitalism at global, national and local levels on the one hand and technological, social, and political transformation on the other. Areas of particular interest include: corporate diversity and institutional change; inequalities and welfare; developmental states. Thus, we welcome applicants from Political economy, Sociology, History, Law and we encourage research projects that focus on Asia's experience from a comparative, historical, or global perspective.


The postdoctoral fellow is required to:


The postdoctoral fellow will be part of the CEAFJP’s research team and will be welcome to take an active part in the activities of the Centre. The fellow will benefit from excellent work conditions at the Fondation France-Japon de l’EHESS (he or she will be granted an office and access to meeting rooms, full access to the EHESS libraries, administrative assistance).


Candidates must be scholars who have submitted or will submit their PhD thesis between October 2015 and October 2018. Proficiency in either English or French is required.


The application files are required to include:

  • the application form;
  • a detailed Curriculum Vitae, including a list of publications;
  • a cover letter;
  • two reference letters.

All the documents are to be sent by email to applications_ffj@ehess.fr on 15 April 2018 midnight (French time) at the latest. Further information is available via the same email address mentioned above.