The Role of Art in Advanced Technology

18 février 2022

The Role of Art in Advanced Technology

The world is changing rapidly with technology. One of the latest technologies to drive such changes would be Artificial Intelligence (AI). The progress of AI is accelerating day by day and has already surpassed human capabilities in various areas. However, on the other hand, it seems that society is not yet ready to accept such rapidly accelerating technology. Under such circumstances, art is attracting attention to foresee the changes caused by advanced technology and make them understandable to people. In this symposium, titled "The Role of Art in Advanced Technology" we will have presentations and discussions by artists creating artworks using advanced technology and by researchers who are thinking about the relationship between advanced technology and art.

  • Introduction and discussants: Koichiro Eto (2021 FFJ/Air Liquide fellow, AIST), Jean-Yves Iatrides (Air liquide), Sébastien Lechevalier (FFJ-EHESS)
  • Speakers: Gérard Assayag (IRCAM), Alexandre Gefen (CNRS), Magali Martin-Mazauric (INRIA), Jean-Pierre Merlet (INRIA), Lionel Obadia (University of Lyon 2), Biin Shen (Artist), Nao Tokui (Keio University)
  • 18 February 2022 - 9.00 - 12.45 (Paris time) | 17.00 - 20.45 (Tokyo time)
  • Online - In English
Arts, Culture, Culture visuelle, Esthétique, Histoire des sciences et des techniques, Image, Intelligence artificielle, Modélisation, Musicologie, Numérique, Objets, Sciences, Techniques, Visuel

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