The Strategic Impact of the Taiwan Issue on the U.S.–Japan

Conférence exceptionnelle de Yasuhiro Matsuda (Université de Tokyo), discutante Karoline Postel Vinay (SciencePo), dans le cadre du séminaire Rendez-vous du Japon contemporain de l’EHESS.

The United States continues to play a critical role in making its alliance with Japan work to guarantee Taiwan's security. To reiterate, once Washington is determined to come to defend Taipei, Tokyo has virtually no choice but to follow suit. Japan, though taking lesser roles and missions in the alliance, does play a substantial role in the security of Taiwan. The U. S. cannot come to defend Taiwan without Japan's support when it decides to forestall China's use of force against Taiwan. The Taiwan issue has remained a serious concern for the Japan-U.S. alliance. What are the conditions for China to change the status quo of the Taiwan Strait? What are the conditions for Taiwan to change the status quo of the Taiwan Strait? What can and should the US–Japan alliance do to deter and deal with the Taiwan contingency or “coercive unification” in the future?



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  • Jeudi 9 décembre 2021 - 13:00 - 15:00
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