Religions, mobilizations and political cultures

Polislombardia – Osservatorio su società e politica in lombardia
GSPM – Groupe de sociologie politique et morale

Religions, mobilizations and political Cultures

An international workshop. Milan, January 26th-27th 2007, Dipartimento di Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale,Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

Many researchers in Sociology, History and Political Science are dealing with topics of political cultures changing, and hybridization. This Workshop wants to be a forum for academic discussions on the relationships between religions, mobilizations in social movements and political cultures changing.
Political cultures – defined here as patterns of shared public symbols, meanings and styles of action – emerge and become consolidated through longue-durée historical processes. Far from being fixed and stable identities, they transform noticeably over time, following unpredictable logics, within political processes. In recent years, the study of political cultures has focused ever more attention to the analysis of the ways in which initially distinct structures with well-distinguished symbolic boundaries undergo hybridization through gradual changes. Such structures constitute coherent articulations of views on the world and actions, aiming to reduce the complexity and the intrinsic contradictory nature of action, of the codes of communication which allow actors to understand and comprehend each other reciprocally.
The aim of this International Workshop is to discuss and to compare the way in which, in social movement mobilizations, religious frames and political cultures meet each other, giving rise to conflicts but also to hybridizations. In order to analyse various case-studies, the Workshop will focus on papers based on empirical researches. Papers focusing both on historical reconstruction and on theoretical interpretation are welcomed, especially papers focusing on how the processes of hybridization takes place.
Only a limited number of papers will be accepted. The selection will be based on the relevance of a proposal for discussion of the central theme and the academic quality of the proposal ;

The Workshop will be hosted at the Dipartimento di Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale, University of Milano-Bicocca (
January 26th-27th 2007
Paper-proposals should be sent by October 2nd 2006
Acceptance will be communicated by October 16th 2006
Papers have to be completed by December 22nd 2006
Final program will be defined by January 8th 2007
Please send proposals to all three directors:
  • Damien de Blic, Groupe de Sociologie Politique et Morale (EHESS/CNRS),
  • Simone Tosi, Department of Sociology and Social Research, (University of Milano-Bicocca),
  • Tommaso Vitale, Department of Sociology and Social Research, (University of Milano-Bicocca),

Informations pratiques

  • Vendredi 26 janvier 2007 - 00:00
  • Milan, University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan,