Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 5 Japan
Date de parution:
octobre, 2021
Type de norme: 
978-90-04-47119-1 (relié)

The Eastern Old Japanese Corpus and Dictionary

Sambi Ishisaki-Vovin

This book presents for the first time all texts constituting the Eastern Old Japanese corpus as well as the dictionary including all lexical items found. Unlike its relative Western Old Japanese, Eastern Old Japanese is not based on the language of just two geographic localities, but is stretched along several provinces of Ancient Japan along the Pacific Seaboard (modern Aichi to Ibaraki) and across the island of Honshū from Etchū (Modern Toyama and parts of Ishikawa) province to Shinano and Kai provinces (modern Nagano and Yamanashi). Therefore, references to places of attestation are included into our dictionary, too.