Date de parution:
janvier, 2017
Type de norme: 
Direction d'ouvrage:
Marie Laureillard et Vincent Durand-Dastès

Fantômes dans l'Extrême-Orient d'hier et d'aujourd'hui

Tome 2

Contribution de Mary Picone : Haunted Sites: Where to Visit Ghosts According to Written or Filmed Collections of Personal Experiences (p. 232-243)

In Japan those who wanted to avoid the uncanny or, conversely, decided to prove their courage by visiting haunted sites could track down ghosts at their homes thanks to collections of local legends or to guides such as the Nihon kaiki meishō annai (Guide to famous eerie places of Japan). Books of this type still sell but DVD documentary collections such as Nihon onnen chizu (Map of Evil in Japan or video reportage posted on Internet are now the most common way of interacting with ghosts.
Instead of looking at the illustrations included in earlier works of supernatural reference today's fans of appartitions prefer to vizualize spirits 'objectively' through a camera or set off, weighed down by a series of instruments, to capture the immaterial for themselves.