Date de parution:
mars, 2021
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Direction d'ouvrage:
Peter Scott et Patrick Fridenson (dir.)

New Perspectives on 20th Century European Retailing

Peter Scott

Despite the publication of several studies examining European retailing in relation to the USA, there is still a dearth of recent research, in English, that explores the development of retailing in specific European countries (with the obvious exception of Britain), over the twentieth century. Even for the UK, more research is needed to challenge claims such as the alleged "backwardness" of British retailing relative to North America, or the presence of formidable "environmental" barriers to the "industrialisation" of retailing in Britain.

New Perspectives on 20th Century European Retailing showcases new research on various aspects of twentieth century European retailing, that challenges the traditional view that Europe was a "follower" of America in retail innovation. It brings together work by several - mainly early career - scholars, who are doing innovative, archival-based, research on various aspects of European retail history. Following a general review of European retailing by the editors (discussing key debates and new approaches) seven thematic chapters present work that either sheds new light on old debates and/or explores hitherto neglected topics. Collectively, they show that whereas retailers are often regarded as ‘intermediaries’, in fact they are actors in their own right and they challenge the traditional view that Europe was a "follower" of America in retail innovation.

The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of the Business History journal.


Table of Contents

Introduction: New perspectives on 20th-century European Retailing

Peter Scott and Patrick Fridenson

  • 1. Managing business performance: The contrasting cases of two multiple retailers 1920 to 1939, Andrew Hull

  • 2. More than window dressing: visual merchandising and austerity in London’s West End, 1945–50, Bethan Bide

  • 3. Turning regulation into business opportunities: A brief history of French food mass retailing (1949–2015), Adam Dewitte, Sebastian Billows and Xavier Lecocq

  • 4. The state, small shops and hypermarkets: A public policy for retail, France, 1945–1973, Tristan Jacques

  • 5. Unlocking the padlock: Retail and public policy in Belgium (1930–1961), Peter Heyrman

  • 6. Resistance to Inequality as a Competitive Strategy? – The Cases of the Finnish consumer Co-ops Elanto and HOK 1905–2015, Anitra Komulainen and Sakari Siltala

Autres publications

Marie Bouhaïk-Gironès
Paolo Carile, Marc Cheymol, Fabrizio Chiappetti