John Kupchik (University of Hawaï at Mānoa)
Date de parution:
juin, 2021
Type de norme: 
Direction d'ouvrage:
John Kupchik, José Andrés Alonso de la Fuente, and Marc Hideo Miyake

Studies in Asian Historical Linguistics, Philology and Beyond

Festschrift presented to Alexander V. Vovin in honor of his 60th birthday

"Professor Alexander V. Vovin’s fruitful research has brought incomparable results to the fields of Asian linguistics and philology throughout the past four decades. In this volume, presented in honour of Professor Vovin’s 60th birthday, twenty-two authors present new research regarding Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Khitan, Yakut, Mongolian, Chinese, Hachijō, Ikema Miyakoan, Ainu, Okinawan, Nivkh, Eskimo-Aleut and other languages. The chapters are both a tribute to his research and a summary of the latest developments in the field."