Paris-Jourdan sciences économiques - PSE

PSE, UMR 8545, was created in 2005. It brings together researchers from the EHESS, ENPC, and ENS working on Economics.

The Center also incorporates researchers from CEPREMAP, the Laboratory of Applied Economics (LEA), and, since 2010, the INRA.

The Center's aim is to promote the international visibility and scientific prowess of the Paris Economics School. The following numbers give an idea of the Center's members and doctoral turnover (statistics date from 16th December 2015): 48 researchers, the maojority of whom teach on the APE or PPD Master's courses; 6 emeritus professors, 17 research associates, 5 postdocs, 1 economics statistitian, 7 research support staff, 84 PhD students in the APE Programme, 26 theses submitted in 2015.