Benjamin Tsou

Chaire : Linguistics and Language Information Sciences

Benjamin K.Tsou (鄒嘉彥) is Emeritus Chair Professor of Linguistics and Language Information Sciences at the City University of Hong Kong, and Academician of Académie Royale des Sciences d'Outre-Mer (Belgium). His research interests have been focused on the quantitative and qualitative analysis of Chinese and other languages.

Since 1995 he has cultivated the largest dynamically maintained synchronous corpus of Chinese, LIVAC which has provided the basis for the study of both the Chinese language in general as well as salient variations in the Pan-Chinese context and their relevance to historical developments. He has published widely in computational linguistics and sociolinguistics. His most recent publications are: Linguistic Corpus and Corpus Linguistics in the Chinese Context (Journal of Chinese Linguistics Monograph Series No.25, co-editor, 2015); Commemorative Essays for Professor Yuen-Ren Chao: Father of Modern Chinese Linguistics, co-editor, (2016); Investigation into Quadrisyllabic Expressions in the Languages of South China (Cantonese Research Monograph Volume 2017). He is also the founding President of the Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing and the Linguistics Society of Hong Kong, and serves on the Executive Committee of the Chinese Information Processing Society of China.

He will take part of the Visting Professors Program designed by EHESS, on proposal of Alain Peyraube (Centre de recherches linguistiques sur l'Asie orientale - CRLAO).


Benjamin K. Tsou donnera quatre conférences durant le mois de janvier.

Aspects of Asymmetry among Northbound and Southbound Words across the Taiwan Straits in Recent Decades: A LIVAC corpus-based Approach

  • Semaine du 7 au 12 janvier 2019

Emblematic Quadra-syllabic Idiomatic Expressions (QIE's) in the Languages of China and Adjacent Regions: Vertical or Horizontal Transmission ?

  • Semaine du 14 au 18 janvier 2019

On Speech Acts of Denial and Exaggeration and Pseudo-Conditional and Comparative Sentences in Chinese

  • Semaine du 14 au 18 janvier 2019

On Ontogeny recapitulating phylogeny: From the perspective of Interrogatives in Chinese

  • Semaine du 21 au 25 janvier 2019


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