Chris McMorran

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Chris McMorran is Associate Professor of Japanese Studies at the National University of Singapore. He is a cultural geographer of Japan who specializes in the geographies of home across scale, from the body to the nation. His is the author of Ryokan: Mobilizing Hospitality in Rural Japan (University of Hawai’i Press), an intimate study of a Japanese inn based on twelve months spent scrubbing baths, washing dishes, and making guests feel at home at a hot springs resort. He also has published research on tourism, disasters, gendered labor, area studies, field-based learning, and popular culture, including as co-editor of Teaching Japanese Popular Culture (Association of Asian Studies). He co-produces the Home on the Dot podcast with NUS students, which explores the meaning of home in Singapore. Chris grew up in rural Iowa but has lived outside the U.S. for much of his adult life, including Japan and Singapore.


Last Resort: Hospitality and Survival in Rural Japan

Dans le cadre du séminaire « Rendez-vous du Japon contemporain », animé par Aleksandra Kobiljski, César Castellvi et Karoline Postel-Vinay.

  • 18 mai, 11h-13h / Campus Condorcet, Centre de colloques, salle 3.01


Reproducing the Home for Tourists in Rural Japan

Dans le cadre du séminaire « Habiter les villes d’Asie », animé par Valérie Gelézeau et Françoise Ged.

  • 19 mai, 9h30-12h30 / Campus Condorcet, Centre de colloques, salle 3.02


Out of Site, Out of Mind? Ethnographies of Japan, Outside Japan

Conférence d’honneur dans le cadre de la Journée des jeunes chercheurs du CCJ

  • 23 mai, 10h-11h / Campus Condorcet, Centre de colloques, salle 3.03