Francesco Antonelli

Francesco Antonelli is Research Fellow in Sociology at Università degli Studi "Roma Tre", Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche. He is the secretary of the Gender Studies Scientific Board at Italian Sociological Association. He is Work Package Leader for the European Project Horizon 2020 " TRIVALENT. Terrorism Preventive Via Radicalization Counter-Narrative ". He has published more than 140 scientific works, in Italian, Dari, English, French and German.


Schedule of lectures 


Workshop organised in the context of the European project "Dialogue about Radicalisation and Equality (DARE)"

  • November 15th 2017, 9h-12h - EHESS (room 646) - 54 bd Raspail - 75006 Paris


Post-society Wars: the building of new “social orders” through XXI Century Wars

Alain Tourain's cycle of seminars "La conscience des sociétés post-industrielles"

  • November 16th 2017, 11h-13h - Maison Suger - 16-18 rue Suger - 75006 Paris

Abstract : In XX Century wars were a product of Industrial societies and modern culture based on the State centrality and hobbesian social order idea. The conference is going to focus on the new sociocultual characteristics of wars in XXI Century, where war generally means not just “failed State” but also “failed society”. So, new wars lead countries toward a post-societal order that reproduce, on the basis of other codes, the cultural and political fragmentation, and the strong relationship between “archaism” and “technology”, typical in Global world.


Web 2.0 and Transformation of Intellectual Actions in a Global World

CADIS' cycle of seminars "Sujet, mouvement sociaux, mondialisation"

  • November 17th 2017, 11h-13h - EHESS (room AS1_24) -  54 bd Raspail - 75006 Paris

Abstract : The purpose of this conference is to analyze the relationship between web 2.0 and the process of formation of new intellectual subjects in the global world: molecular intellectuals. Afterward the crisis of intellectual vanguard and public-intellectual models, typical in XX Century history, a new type of intellectual is coming into being: heshe is a knowledge workers who acts in social and digital networks and heshe is both a critic subject and an actor of movement.