Junko Toriyama

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Junko Toriyama is an associate professor at the College of International Relations, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan. She has been researching how people in Egypt, especially women, live their daily lives from the everyday-life perspective. Her research deploys Gender Studies, which problematizes inequality and people’s suffering through the lens of gender, being critical of established power relations and socially grounded categories such as Man/ Woman, and Cultural Anthropology, which attempts to comprehensively conceptualize human beings without judging differences. Toriyama’s publications, mostly in the form of an ethnography, are written based on her personal experiences in the field, and often criticized to be too personal and emotional. Her research topics focus on life struggles in Egypt, such as balancing between work and family, family reproduction, and elderly care.

Invitants : François Pouillon et Mercedes Volait


Searching for performative analysis of interactions/social positions in the Middle East: The newest challenge of writing ethnography on the Middle East in Japan

  • Jeudi 27 fevrier 2020, de 17 à 20h - Campus Condorcet, bâtiment Recherche Sud, Salle 0.016, 5, cours des Humanités 93322 Aubervilliers cedex

Dans le cadre du Séminaire Parcours anthropologiques dans le monde arabe (François Pouillon, EHESS & Mercedes Volait, CNRS)


Encountering with the Middle East for Japanese ethnographers: A thought around “politeness”

  • Jeudi 5 mars de 14h30 à 15h45 - Collège de France, Salle Lunch Seminar, 11 Place Marcelin Berthelot 75005 Paris

Dans le cadre de la Journée d’étude "Enquêtes ethnographiques au Japon, retours et discussions autour d’expériences récentes" (César Castellvi, Inalco & Anne-Lise Mithout, Université Paris-Diderot)

Plus d'informations : http://www.inalco.fr/evenement/enquetes-ethnographiques-japon-retours-di...


The elderly care in contemporary Cairo and its possible effect on the patriarchal family

  • Jeudi 12 mars de 10 à 13h, Campus Condorcet, Bâtiment Recherche Sud, salle 0.030, 5, cours des Humanités 93322 Aubervilliers cedex

Dans le cadre du  Séminaire Dynamique du genre en Afrique (Anne Doquet, IRD)



4ème conférence : The use of Assisted Reproductive Technology and the changing motherhood in Cairo