Date de parution:
juin, 2017
Type de norme: 
Direction d'ouvrage:
Charlotte Bigg, Kurt Vanhoutte

Spectacular astronomy

Early popular visual culture

The science of astronomy is, perhaps, more than any other which can be named of the whole circle, the very science of which a popular display may most successfully be aided by the ornamental arts. Music, painting, sculpture, may be called in as auxiliaries, with powerful effect, and manifest benefit; a tasteful introduction of poetry may be deemed almost essential to success; and we would undertake that Urania need not disdain the co-operation of Terpsichore herself.

Never was a medium of demonstration produced as instructive as this, never one more fascinating in effect, and never one which appeals to everybody as this does. It is a school, theatre and film all in one, a lecture hall under the vault of the heavens, and a spectacle in which the celestial bodies are actors.

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