Making cities for autonomous shared mobility

24 June 2021

FFJ/Valeo Workshop

Making cities for autonomous shared mobility

These days, we see changes coming from traditionally human-driven vehicles to the automation vehicles (AVs) and smart cities concepts. The emerging technologies offer improvement of transportation quality, mitigate traffic congestion, reduce pollution, and bring economic benefit. This workshop highlights the automation shared mobility through the implication to ensure that the AVs technologies can be deployed in ways that maximize the public benefit. Whether AVs offer practical benefits depends on certain city conditions that allow new mobility to be flourishing. AVs have generated both excitements as well as anxieties about the future of urban transportation and lifestyle. The transition time to automation mobility offers opportunities for cities to reconsider and prepare. How to adapt automation shared mobility to existence city context? How to integrate the concept of automation shared mobility to emerging technologies including MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and IoT (Internet of Things)? Which roads will be ready for automation shared mobility? Who will be responsible for building advanced infrastructures? The discussion panel covers two key sessions on infrastructure development and governance. First, we will discuss specific support infrastructures for new mobility systems. Second, the governance session will discuss on networking and collaboration requirements among stake holders to build and regulate frameworks. The discussion will exchange diversity of experimental cities and their dynamics from hands-on experiences and research findings by actors of governance in policy implementation, industry development, and academic research.

  • 24 June 2021 | 9.30-13.30 (France) | 16.30-20.30 (Japan)
  • Online - In English
  • Speakers: Sébastien LECHEVALIER (FFJ-EHESS), Jean-Luc DI PAOLA-GALLONI (Valeo), Kulacha SIRIKHAN (FFJ-Valeo Fellow), Rolf MOECKEL (Technical University of Munich), Sebastian HÖRI (IRT System X), Alexandros NIKITAS (University of Huddersfield), Hironori KATO (The University of Tokyo), Masanobu HIGASHINO (The University of Tokyo and Ecole des PontsParisTech), Peraphan JITTRAPIROM (Radboud University), Haruki SAWAMURA (EHESS-FFJ, École Polytechnique)

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  • Jeudi 24 juin 2021 - 09:30 - 13:30
  • Online
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